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We are offering ½ off our first visit thoughout the end of the year!

(Excluding hardware.  Other conditions may apply.)




Is there something wrong with your computer, but you don't know what? Let us troubleshoot and get to the root of the problem.

Computer Repair 

Sometimes, things just go wrong with parts of a computer. We have the skill and experience to repair some of the componants, saving you time and money.

Virus/Malware Repair 

No matter how careful you are, sometimes a virus will sneak past your defenses. Removing viruses and repairing the damage they cause is out specialty.

Computer Cleanup 

A slow computer can be caused by a buildup of old, outdated files. We can remove these "junk" files from your system and restore the speed you remember.

Hardware and Software Installation 

Want to install that new game or a new video card, but are not sure how to go about it. We will install and configure any and all hardware and software to your liking.

Commercial Network Setup 

We know your business needs good network speeds to stay ahead of the competition. ATC will plan and deploy a network solution to help your business maintain that edge.

Home Network Setup

Enjoy online gaming, streaming videos, and working from home with our home networks.

Data Recovery

Never worry about losing access to important documents or precious memories again! We can recover data from old drives and transfer them to your current computer.

Scheduled Service 

Have a certain time you want to see us? Schedule a service appointment at your convenience.

Emergency Service 

When you need to have your computers fixed right now (or even earlier), give us a call and we will respond as soon as humanly possible to keep your technology going without missing a beat.

Remote Service 

Don't want to drop off your computer at the shop? Don't want to see our pretty faces? No problem! We can remotely access your computers to apply updates and solve basic software troubles!

Game Console Repair 

Is there an old XBox, PlayStation, or Nintendo that you need fixed? Give us a call and you will be playing games in a matter of days!

And More!

Have a different service request than the ones listed here? Contact us and we will do out best to deliver!




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